HomeFront: helping families break the cycle of poverty
The homeless problem is smaller than you think.

The homeless problem in Mercer County is smaller than you think.

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Donate : Annual Appeal 2012/13

    Every day local families like Nina's turn to us.
    This holiday season, we turn to you.
    On any given night, HomeFront provides shelter to 450 people, most of them children. We also provide food to hundreds every week, but these services are only the beginning. We have a host of programs to prevent homelessness, provide affordable housing, encourage education, teach job skills and promote good child care and positive family life. We seek to provide low-income families in our community with permanent solutions to the agonies of poverty – solutions that pass from this generation to the next.

    In these troubled economic times more and more families face unemployment, foreclosure, homelessness and hunger. The demand for our services has seriously increased. Donations from our supporters are more important than ever. You can make a difference in their lives.

    Please, help us help them.

    Submit this form electronically and pay by credit card via our secure server from a link on the following page. Payments are processed through PayPal, but no PayPal account is required.


Your Gift WILL change lives!

90% of every dollar donated to HomeFront goes directly to services for homeless families.

This year, HomeFront:

  • provided 8,277 bed nights of emergency shelter to working poor families not eligible for government assistance;
  • distributed 8,882 food bags to hungry families;
  • provided furniture, clothing and household goods to 3,816 children and parents in need from its FreeStore;
  • 16,221 times we welcomed families who came to us – and were given – shelter, food and emergency assistance.

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