• “For months, whenever I visited our Family Campus, I was greeted by the busy and happy sounds of construction—loud machinery, clangs and bangs, men shouting,” says HomeFront executive director Connie Mercer. “Now when I go there, my senses are filled with the sights, sounds and smells of life. There are children laughing in the hallway, families enjoying each others’ company in the cafeteria and family lounge, delicious smells wafting from our teaching kitchen.Construction of our new Family Campus was completed on time and on budget.

    More than $6.4 million was raised, well above the $6 million needed.

    And, thanks to the outpouring of support received, we quickly met the $1 million challenge grant from the Tepper Family Charitable Foundation.

    For years, Mercer envisioned a place where homeless and vulnerable families could find the support, services and resources they need, where all the barriers to their success are removed. That vision is now a reality. “Families learn as soon as they walk through the door into a lovely, calming lobby that they are safe; they are welcome; and they are on their way toward a more positive and stable future,”
    Mercer says.