Creative Cooking Camps for Young Kids
and College Bound Students Minimize Junk Food

Mercer County College faculty member and food industry veteran, Chris Crawford, will hold a 5-day Cooking Camp for college bound students from 9am ‘til 1pm, July 17 – 21 in the state-of-the-art teaching kitchen at the HomeFront Family Campus at 101 Celia Way in Ewing.  Profits from the $250 camp fee will support HomeFront’s mission to end homelessness in central New Jersey.

Campers will take hands-on lessons in basic kitchen skills, creating healthy and delicious recipes they can make in their dorm. “Performance is really important in college and eating on a budget at school doesn’t have to mean weight gain, bad skin and low energy”, says Crawford.  “Part of being on your own is taking responsibility for taking care of yourself and what goes into your body is a big part of that. I’m really excited about sharing my love of food with kids at this special time in their life.”

HomeFront is also offering camp for kids aged 9-12 for basic cooking skills. Crawford explains it’s the perfect time to get them in the kitchen as it becomes more of a hobby than a chore. “This age range is just fascinated with all aspects of cooking- slicing, dicing, mixing. They love to eat what they create and often try things their mothers sweat they’d never eat.”

The camp for ages 9-12 is being offered June 26-30 and August 24-28 with both sessions running from 9 a.m. till 1p.m.

The teaching kitchen at HomeFront’s Family Campus is used regularly by the organization’s clients – both parents and children. The kitchen is used to teach them how to make healthy meals and snacks on an extremely limited budget.  “Eating well when money and time are limited can be a challenge for anyone,” explains HomeFront teaching kitchen volunteer, June Pecora, “ but depending on processed food and fast food because they are cheap can lead to a lifetime of health issues.  Our goal here is to empower clients with inexpensive meals that are good for you as well as convenient.”

Space is limited in both camps so sign up your favorite student today by calling HomeFront at 609-883-7500 ext. 315.