Janiqua B.

“Home is a place where you go to get a peace of mind, something you can call your own. It’s a blessing.” “Home,” explains Janiqua, “is more of a feeling from the inside.”
When she first arrived at HomeFront, Janiqua felt good. She felt excited. She felt helped and saved. “I knew what I was here for and what I came here to do—to get an apartment [for my daughter and me,” she shares. A rapper, singer, actress and artists, Janiqua wants to take advantage of everything life has to offer. Her participation in Artspace is no exception.
“Miss Ruthann inspires me,” she reflects. “She is the perfect person to talk to. She is cool and understanding.”
Janiqua started drawing cartoon characters for her daughter, and now she paints to keep her mind off of stress. Art is a form of catharsis for her. Upon commenting on her artistic subjects often portrayed with sadness, she explains, “I have a lot of built up anger inside of me when thinking of the things that went on in my past.” Whatever tries to hold her back, Janiqua pushes forward with her sights on the future. She wants to provide the world for her daughter and dreams to become an influential rapper.

Here are a few lines of a poem she wrote:

I am falling in my dreams
Thinking about so much
Thinking about my future
And where I’ll be in a month.
I’m floating in my thoughts,
I’m thinking too much.
Like will I fall or will I float?
I’m just thinking about a bunch.
I know that I will make it but still I question
Like is this going to work?
Lord, is this really my blessing?