After living in Southern California and New Mexico for several years, I came back home to East Windsor, NJ. I left working as a Registered Nurse in a Level 1 Trauma Burn Surgical Intensive Care Unit and was broken; I took care of others with intensity and passion, but neglected myself. I needed time to sort through health issues and change the trajectory of this life’s journey. I can finally say that things are building and progressing in a positive direction. Through WorkFirst program I came to ArtSpace; its been the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual boost I needed so intensely, and never knew.

Since preschool age, I have always loved creating art. Years ago I was able to take some art classes; my favorite course was 2D design and favorite aspect of all art is Color Theory. I am still dazzled by the science of how color combinations influence perception, direct our gaze and please our eyes. When in my process of creating, I find myself in the passenger seat and a higher self is driving. I feel my brain making new connections and experience an astonishing natural high: learning, growing, connecting with Universe = Elemental Happiness.

ArtSpace is a luxury, yet what it offers is essential for the soul. To be given permission to stop the daily bustle and rush, to be allowed, encouraged, supported in the pursuit of creativity – Priceless. Creating makes us human and is something we all need, no matter experience level, age, situation, circumstances or personality. Art is humanizing and reminds us we can all make something positive and tangible. The act of creating art stimulates, heals, restores, recharges, builds, evokes emotions, connects us to ourselves and each other, among many things!

ArtSpace is like MiracleGro for the mind and brain. My own creative self is reawakened and developing due to the opportunities I have through ArtSpace, and I am so grateful. My works are deliberately infused with positive intention as I create. I want the good energy to reach others when they are around my art: Peace, Kindness, Understanding, Respect, and Love to all humans, living things, and Planet Earth.