Give a Homeless Child a Summer of Fun

It’s a life changing experience for at least two people
You and the Child

For many kids in Mercer county summer time doesn’t mean fun. It  means they will live with the nagging hollowness of hunger for over two months because there are no school lunches. They will also face endless days of boredom and isolation with nothing to play with and no friends around.

Rather than a time of fun and growth, summer can be a time of suffering, regression and inertia for our poorest little ones.

Over 150 children attend our summer camp each year and every one of them is there because a generous donor like you made it possible. By sending a child to camp you will be giving that child three amazing gifts: a great summer filled with fun and enriching activities, a great fall to start school confident and ready to learn, and better future because confident student is more likely to stay in school.

.Our stellar summer programming includes recreational activities, academic enrichment and eight weeks of free, safe and fun summer camp. Can you sponsor a homeless child for this summer?

One child, one week – $150.
One child, one summer of a lifetime – $1,200.

You can help by making your donation using the form below.

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