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A Safe Space for Therapeutic Arts

After satisfying the immediate needs of a roof over one’s head and food in their belly, the work of physically and mentally moving someone from ‘homeless to home’ begins. It’s an arduous process, specific to each person’s circumstances, but one that HomeFront eagerly embarks on with any client who’s willing. We understand that to truly break the cycle of poverty, especially for those in the throes of homelessness, an abundance of training and emotional support is required.

ArtSpace and SewingSpace serve this purpose. In conjunction with other social services, these visual therapies can be as vital to one’s recovery as verbal therapy. In fact, many find it easier to express their feelings by creating with their hands – rather than trying to craft just the right words.

… The creative art process has a positive impact on our sense of hope, self-worth, and well-being. It improves our sense of connectedness and widens our social networks, while decreasing depression, anxiety and reducing stress. *
*2010, the American Journal of Public Health published research, “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health.”

Visual Therapy Programs 

ArtSpace consists of two spacious studios: one at the heart of HomeFront’s Family Campus, Ewing NJ, another at our headquarters, 1880 Princeton Pike, Lawrence Township NJ. As you enter, you are greeted by warm, light-filled spaces and calming music. These non-threatening safe spaces welcome you to look around and pick up a paint brush.

SewingSpace, also located at HomeFront’s Lawrence Township headquarters, offers clients a chance to learn to sew and construct usable and sellable items, such as tote bags, handbags, pillows, wine bags, pin cushions, table runners, holiday ornaments, and baby items, as well as an opportunity to learn the techniques of re-upholstery. “Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine!” reads a plaque prominently displayed in the lively SewingSpace workshop. This sentiment is taken to heart! Those who are homeless, or living on the poverty line develop new skills, and importantly learn how to finish what they start. They receive a path for potential income and create items, otherwise not affordable, while feeling pride in their creations.

Building Self Expression

Along with our trained staff and team of dedicated volunteers, these therapeutic programs offer clients a moment’s respite from their overwhelming challenges. Navigating the creative process, the mind becomes present and concentrates on the task at hand — allowing thoughts to quiet. This is the moment when tangible tools for self-expression, critical thinking and problem-solving develop; offering each person a chance to rebuild their souls and transform their lives.

While guided, they are reminded of their goals and dreams, and ultimately discover what they’re creating is personal, real, truthful. The welcoming gift of ‘possibilities’ begin to emerge as they experience a sense of joy, creativity, and exuberance. As Ruthann Traylor, ArtSpace/SewingSpace Director states, “I challenge the artists who come here; think outside of the box, be resourceful, be creative. And there’s no wrong, right?

 Building Self Esteem

HomeFront’s commitment to enriching and empowering each artist’s and crafter’s self-esteem is demonstrated by providing many opportunities to showcase their skills and avenues to sell their inspired works to the public. 

Artwork and sewing creations are displayed at HomeFront’s studios, including The Blue Garage on the family campus. Artists’ skills are demonstrated, and works are available at various community spaces, such as Grounds for Sculpture, hospitals, and universities, as well as during ArtJam, our annual fundraiser pop-up art gallery. Sewing works are for sale at our pop-up thrift shop located in Hopewell NJ and can be found at Farmer’s Markets throughout the area. ArtSpace and SewingSpace clients are also encouraged to participate in our Arts Entrepreneurship program, learning how to create and sell marketable handmade items.

Providing hands-on therapeutic programs, ArtSpace and SewingSpace, along with a comprehensive array of holistic and transformative social services, is a priority at HomeFront. As expressed by one client, “… creating space for people to fight to live, not merely exist.”

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