HomeFront is governed by a board of directors, chaired by Michael Moorman.



Michael Moorman

Michael Moorman  (Chair)
Former Executive Director,
Global Clinical Supply
Pfizer, Inc. (Retired)

Michael Van Wagner

Michael J. Van Wagner (1st Vice Chair)
Vice President – Public Affairs (Retired)
NJM Insurance Group

Claudia Franco Kelly

Claudia Franco Kelly (2nd Vice Chair)
Former Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Supervision
Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Rose Mazzella

Rose Mazzella (Secretary)
Business Support Executive
Bank of America

Robert Eaton

Robert Eaton (Treasurer)
Former Managing Director, Head of US Business Development
Aladdin Wealth Tech

Patrice Coleman-Boatwright

Patrice Coleman-Boatwright
Cooper Creative Group
Money Management Associates, LLC
The College of New Jersey (Staff Emeritus)

Sangita Karra

Sangita Karra
Senior Philanthropic Specialist
Wells Fargo Private Bank

Brian Kasper

Brian Kasper
Stark & Stark

Charles Richman

Charles Richman
Former Exec. Director, NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
Former Commissioner, NJ Dept. of Community Affairs

Elizabeth Wasch

John Rogers
Assistant Vice President, Legislative Affairs

NJM Insurance Group

Charles Richman

Peter H. Shriver
Chief Executive Emeritus
Barrett Asset Management LLC

Jacqueline Jones
Former President and CEO,
Foundation for Child Development

Elizabeth Wasch

Elizabeth Wasch
Licensed Master Social Worker

Anne VanLent
President, AMV Advisors