Our History of Changing Lives


One evening in 1991, a smart, charismatic and energetic 40-something woman stood in the doorway of a decrepit motel room beside Route 1, and what she saw changed her life, and the lives of thousands of other people forever.

Connie Mercer had accompanied a pediatrician friend, Dr. Chris Hansen, to see what was being done to help homeless families in her home community. The answer: not much.

There, in a filthy cinder-block room, on a sagging stained bed, three kids huddled together with their mother close beside them. As Connie stood in the doorway, one of the children cast her a look of utter hopelessness. And Connie became a woman on fire.

And the flames spread as she enlisted others and organized efforts to bring meals to these homeless families and help with transportation and child care. As they helped the families meet their most immediate needs, it became clear that these families had no way out of their hellish situation.

HomeFront sprang from that realization and from those beginnings. Established by a cadre of caring volunteers, it is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to breaking the downward spiral of these families and guiding them onto a path toward stability and success.

Now the flame that was ignited that night in the doorway of that motel room is powering a huge factory that churns out one product: hope. HomeFront employs more than 100 people and enlists the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, successfully fighting homelessness and despair for thousands of families.

HomeFront provides everything a family needs to overcome a life of extreme poverty.

Many children found playing in the dirt behind the motels those years ago, are now student leaders, healthcare and business professionals, independent adults able to pursue their dreams for a better life.

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