16,236 cries for help were answered last year, with shelter food and emergency aid.
On television, we see fear, anger and divisiveness.  But at HomeFront, we see just the opposite: hope, compassion and community.
Graduation is one of the most powerful testaments of success, accomplishment and empowerment.
There are hungry, homeless kids in Mercer County.
Fix it.
Summer Hunger Campaign Donations
Will Be Doubled Up to $75,000
Give a Homeless Child
The Best Summer Ever
The average age of a homeless person in Mercer County is 7...

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Stop Summer Hunger! NOW

Do you know what real hunger is? It’s physically painful. And, unfortunately, many children in Mercer County know exactly what it feels like. Summer is an especially tough time for families who struggle with food insecurity. During the school year, children are...

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Give a Homeless Child a Summer of Fun

It’s a life changing experience for at least two people You and the Child For homeless and vulnerable children in our community, summer too often means facing dangerous streets, not having enough food to eat, suffering significant summer “learning loss” and missing...

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Creative Cooking Camps

Creative Cooking Camps for Young Kids and College Bound Students Minimize Junk Food Mercer County College faculty member and food industry veteran, Chris Crawford, will hold a 5-day Cooking Camp for college bound students from 9am ‘til 1pm, July 17 – 21 in the...

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HomeFront Celebrates 25 Years:
Looking Back, Moving Forward, Always Changing Lives

As we pause this holiday season to celebrate our Silver anniversary, we are reminded of how our shared efforts have changed so many lives for the better. We are also reminded of the horrid circumstances once faced by local homeless families as they maneuvered through endless obstacles in grim motels. Today we offer a haven of healing and hope for families in our beautiful Family Campus as they get back on their feet.

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When you do nothing, you feel powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the hope that comes from knowing you are working to make things better.

Read Success Stories From Our Clients

HomeFront guided me through a troubled time in my life, if it were not for them I might not be where I am today.

Asia T: College Student

Read Success Stories From Our Clients

…and sometimes we look back, even if for no other reason than to realize how far we have come. That’s the journey of life. That was my journey, and I’m still on it.

Alicia E.

Read Success Stories From Our Clients

Through my challenging and rewarding journey HomeFront has been there to help me overcome every hurdle.

Ty’Quansa T