Education, Training & Life Skills

I didn’t finish high school.”   “I want a better job.

HomeFront can help you finish high school and we can help improve skills that will lead to better employment opportunities. We can help you improve your literacy and math skills. A high school diploma is a minimum requirement for so many jobs.  We can help you get your GED (High School Equivalency Degree). We can also teach you special skills such as Microsoft Office, hospitality and customer service and get you industry-recognized certifications.  

These programs are all provided at the Hofmann Career Center at HomeFront’s Family Campus, 101 Celia Way, Ewing. We provide transportation, a healthy lunch and when space is available, childcare.


Our Life Skills and Education programs are located at the Hofmann Center at our Family Campus at 101 Celia Way in Ewing. One of the things we love to do best is help people get their high school diploma. We can help you regardless of where you are in your education and prepare you for the high school equivalency test. Our goal is to match your learning style with our educational resources  These include one-on-one tutoring, class instruction, online courses, and Zoom distance instruction, as well. We have researched the best educational materials to provide students with an optimal and  expeditious learning experience.  Our onsite testing center provides students with the opportunity to test as soon as they are ready.

If you are not reading or handling math as well as you’d like, or you haven’t finished your high school diploma, this is your time – your moment – to achieve this important goal. To learn more, contact or call (609) 989-9417 ext 329. Or email us at:

Life Skills for Success

Are you your ‘best‘ self? Do you know where to even begin? Let us help you discover – YOU! Life skills are daily functions; they bring together our social, emotional and cognitive capacities to problem solving and to achieve goals.  Life skills are critical to success in life.  At Hire Expectations, we focus on leadership skills, self-control, and communication. We guide you in making connections, critical thinking, self-direction, the ability to self-motivate, the willingness to take risks, engaged learning and taking on life’s challenges. We help you untangle messy life and/or legal issues. We want you to be the BEST you there is!

To learn more, contact or call (609) 989-9417 ext 322. Or email us at:

Job Skills and Certifications

Getting a credential is an important step toward obtaining a better job or beginning a career path.  The HomeFront Hire Expectations Program offers onsite and online training for SORS, Microsoft Office, customer service, childcare and hospitality. Our goal to help individuals identify their talents and abilities and to provide opportunities to transform these into skills that are required for in-demand occupations and careers. Whether getting credentials to begin a career or to make a career change, we can help with training opportunities, mentoring and job placement.  

As you set out to meet with our network of local employers of choice, we make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward with comprehensive resume, interviewing and job readiness preparation.  This program is also located at Hofmann Career Center at the Family Campus, 101 Celia Way, Ewing. 

To learn more, contact or call (609) 989-9417 ext 370. Or email us at:

Need a Job?

HomeFront’s Hire Expectations Program is eager to assist you to explore career opportunities, jobs and positions that match your skills and expectations. Upon engagement with Hire Expectations, we do an assessment of skills and strategically layout a plan for your work success. We partner with corporations, local organizations and companies throughout the region to support placement. We are humbled to travel this path with you, come journey with us! This program is located at the Hofmann Career Center at HomeFront’s Family Campus at 101 Celia Way, Ewing. 

To learn more, contact or call (609) 989-9417 ext 320.