HomeFront runs on volunteerism. And one of our more rewarding challenges is to channel the compassion, energy and spirit of people who want to make a meaningful donation of time and talent. Whether you have a creative mind, good people skills, teaching talent, special know-how, a strong back or a gift for organization, our families needs your help. Our menu of volunteer opportunities will give you an idea of the kind of help we need but our needs are on-going and ever-changing. Please fill out a volunteer application by clicking here. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jill Duffy at (609) 213-6682 or email getinvolved@homefrontnj.org for more information.

Individuals (16 and older) – These opportunities are geared toward mature individuals who are looking to commit to volunteer or get involved on a regular basis.

Groups/Organizations – Check out these opportunities for Corporate Days of Caring, congregation outreach, clubs and school groups looking to get involved.

Kids (15 and under) – Check out great ways that kids can help our families and have fun while doing it!

Drive Guide – For those interested in organizing a drive for food or life necessities, this guide will lead you through the steps as well as provide a list of needed items.