When we became homeless in January 2017, my husband, our 5 children, and I came to HomeFront. Not long after coming to HomeFront, I started attending the WorkFirst program at HomeFront and that’s where I was introduced to ArtSpace. As a child I was always drawing and doing creative things, but I didn’t pick up a paintbrush until I came to ArtSpace.

I create art because it’s relaxing, and it takes me into another world where I can escape and explore my imagination. For me it’s natural to be artistic. It lowers my stress level and gives me a sense of purpose.
ArtSpace is important because it is therapeutic and gives me an opportunity to stretch and grow. The art that we create proves to me and other people that homeless doesn’t define us. We can find something positive and beautiful to focus on while we are getting our lives together.
Having a place like ArtSpace to go to is a different but essential side of HomeFront. HomeFront isn’t just about homelessness and poverty. ArtSpace showcases the many talented people who come here for their many reasons. It’s good to see hope and belief in the faces of people who have been through a lot in life. And for a lot of us, ArtSpace is home away from home.